The Wet Club Scrub Golf Water Brush Review - Ultimate Guide 2022

Are you tired of struggling with dirty golf clubs hindering your game on the course? Look no further than "The Wet Club Scrub" Golf Water Brush by Grooveit. This innovative tool is designed to revolutionize the way you clean your golf clubs, ensuring a mess-free and efficient cleaning experience. With its anti-leak design, magnetic attachment system, and large nylon-bristle brush head, this golf water brush is a game-changer for golfers looking to enhance their performance and maintain their equipment in top condition. Join us as we dive into the features and benefits of this must-have accessory for every golfer.

Product Description

The "Wet Club Scrub" Golf Water Brush by Grooveit is a game-changer in golf club cleaning. This innovative tool offers leak-proof cleaning, ensuring a mess-free experience on the course. With its anti-leak design, golfers can enjoy long-lasting performance without worrying about spills or drips.

One of the standout features of this club cleaner is its portable and secure magnetic attachment system. The heavy-duty magnet and S-clip provide a strong and reliable connection to your golf bag, eliminating the need for clips or lanyards. This convenience allows for quick and easy access to the brush whenever it's needed during a round of golf.

Efficiency is key when it comes to club cleaning, and the Golf Club Cleaning Brush delivers on this front with its large nylon-bristle brush head. This design simplifies clubhead cleaning, saving time and effort for golfers. By promoting cleaner shots and enhancing precision, this tool is not just a cleaning accessory but a performance enhancer on the course.

Overall, with its leak-proof design, secure attachment system, and efficient cleaning capabilities, the "Wet Club Scrub" Golf Water Brush is an essential addition to any golfer's cleaning kit, promising a cleaner, more enjoyable golfing experience.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Strong Magnet: The magnetic feature of "The Wet Club Scrub" Golf Water Brush is praised by users for its strength in securely holding the brush in place on the golf bag while being easy to remove for quick access during games.

  2. Effective Cleaning: Users appreciate the effectiveness of this brush in cleaning golf clubs quickly and efficiently. The nylon-bristle head, combined with the patented pump design, provides wide coverage and ensures thorough cleaning.

  3. Durable Build: With a durable plastic handle and anti-leak design, this brush is built to last. The 3-year warranty further adds to the confidence in its longevity, making it a reliable accessory for golfers.


  1. High Expectations: Some users had high expectations for the product but felt slightly disappointed. Despite the strong magnet and overall quality, a few users found aspects of the brush did not meet their initial expectations.

  2. Limited Color Options: The "The Wet Club Scrub" Golf Water Brush is currently only available in black, which may not suit the preferences of all golfers who may prefer a wider range of color choices.

  3. Minor Design Flaws: While the brush performs well overall, a few users noted minor design flaws that could potentially be improved upon to enhance the user experience further.

Customer Reviews

The "The Wet Club Scrub" Golf Water Brush has received an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars from 984 ratings on Amazon, indicating high customer satisfaction. Let's take a look at what some buyers had to say:

  • "First off this product is great. Well built, comes with a small clip to attach to a bag, magnet is strong enough to hold but easy enough to pull off..." (5 stars)

  • "Every golfer should have one of these on their golf bag. It is so easy to use and cleans off yours clubs almost instantly. Just screw off the top and..." (5 stars)

  • "Magnets are strong. Makes it easy to remove for use and return to bag. Works so much better than the club cleaners that have the retractable string th..." (5 stars)

  • "Easy and simple to use. Way better than spitting on my clubs like I used to. The magnet works fantastic." (5 stars)

  • "I had high hopes for this brush! There are many good reviews, so I figured I would give it a try. I like the magnet because it is very strong. You onl..." (4 stars)

  • "Good quality brush - Good solid golf club brush" (5 stars)


The Wet Club Scrub Golf Water Brush by Grooveit is a must-have accessory for any golfer looking to keep their clubs clean and maintain peak performance on the course. With its leak-proof design, this brush ensures a mess-free cleaning experience, adding convenience to your golfing routine.

The magnetic attachment system and sturdy construction make it a portable and secure option for easy access during your game. The wide coverage of the nylon-bristle brush head enables efficient clubhead cleaning, saving time and effort while promoting better accuracy and cleaner shots.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied buyers and a solid 4.5-star rating on Amazon, it's clear that the Wet Club Scrub is a reliable and effective tool for golf club maintenance. Considering its affordable price point of $24.97 and the added benefit of a 3-year warranty, investing in this brush is a smart choice for golf enthusiasts of all levels. Improve your game and keep your clubs in top condition with the Wet Club Scrub!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the brush durable and long-lasting?

The Wet Club Scrub Golf Water Brush is well-built and designed to last, as confirmed by numerous satisfied customers who have praised its durability and quality construction. With a 3-year warranty, you can trust that this brush is made to withstand regular use on the golf course.

How easy is it to attach and detach the brush from the golf bag?

The brush comes with a small clip that makes it easy to attach to your golf bag. Additionally, the magnetic feature of the brush ensures a strong hold while still being easy to remove for use and return to the bag. This convenient design allows for quick access to cleaning your clubs during your game.

Does the brush provide effective cleaning for golf clubs?

Users have raved about how the brush effortlessly cleans off golf clubs almost instantly. The nylon-bristle head, combined with the patented pump design, offers wide cleaning coverage and effectively removes dirt and debris from club grooves. Say goodbye to the days of spitting on your clubs for cleaning.

How does the brush compare to other club cleaners on the market?

Many customers have found The Wet Club Scrub Golf Water Brush to be superior to other club cleaners they have used in the past. The strong magnet, easy-to-use pump, and overall effectiveness of the brush set it apart from traditional club cleaning tools. It's a game-changer for golfers looking for a convenient and efficient way to keep their clubs clean.

What are the dimensions of the brush?

The brush dimensions are 3.41 inches in length, 1.41 inches in width, and 8.01 inches in height, making it a compact yet effective tool to have in your golf bag. Its size allows for easy handling and storage while providing thorough cleaning for your clubs.

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