SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing - Cell Phone Holder Review | Improve Your Golf Game

Welcome to our in-depth review of the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing Cell Phone Holder! This innovative product, winner of the PGA Best Product award, is designed to help golfers improve their swing through video analysis. With its easy clip system and sturdy design, the SelfieGOLF allows you to record your golf swing with ease. In this review, we will delve into the features, benefits, and customer feedback to help you decide if this golf analyzer accessory is the right fit for your game. Let's take a closer look at what makes the SelfieGOLF a standout product in the world of golf training aids.

Product Description

The SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing is a revolutionary cell phone holder golf analyzer accessory that has been recognized as the Winner of The PGA Best Product. Designed by Selfie Golf, this device is a must-have for golfers looking to improve their swing and overall game.

One of the standout features of the SelfieGOLF is its easy clip system, which allows users to set up and adjust the height in seconds to record their golf swing video without needing any assistance. This innovative design makes it incredibly convenient for golfers to capture and analyze their swings on the go.

In addition to its user-friendly design, the SelfieGOLF is also incredibly sturdy and stable, having been tested and approved by pro golfers to endure all types of ground surfaces and even windy weather conditions. This ensures that golfers can rely on the device to securely hold their smartphones in place while they focus on perfecting their swing.

Furthermore, the SelfieGOLF is versatile and compatible with all cell phone sizes thanks to its innovative clip-on design. It fits perfectly with standard alignment rods and golf clubs, making it a versatile tool for golfers of all levels. Additionally, the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty, providing customers with peace of mind when making their purchase.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to Use: The SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing holder is praised by users for being incredibly easy to use. It attaches easily to an alignment rod and holds well, making it convenient for golfers of all levels.

  2. Lightweight Design: Customers appreciate the lightweight design of this product, as it doesn't add much weight to their golf bag. This makes it easy to carry around during practice sessions or on the course without feeling weighed down.

  3. Good Quality: The SelfieGOLF holder is commended for its good quality. Users have reported that it is durable and well-made, ensuring that it can withstand regular use without wearing out quickly.


  1. Setup Time: Some users have mentioned that there is a bit of setup required to use this product, which may be seen as a downside for those looking for a more straightforward solution.

  2. Limited Usage: A few customers have expressed that they don't find themselves using the SelfieGOLF holder as much as they initially thought. This could be due to personal preferences or the perceived hassle of setting it up.

  3. Specific Purpose: While effective for filming and analyzing golf swings, this product may have limited utility beyond that specific purpose. Users looking for a more versatile device may find its functionality somewhat limited.

Customer Reviews

With an impressive overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 2959 ratings, the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing Cell Phone Holder has garnered a significant amount of positive feedback from users.

  • "This holder works exactly as described... Good quality." (5 stars)

  • "This product is phenomenal... I ordered a SelfieGolf device for the purpose of reviewing and critiquing my swing..." (5 stars)

  • "This product is super easy to use and very light... After filming myself at the driving range, I immediately noticed..." (5 stars)

  • "Fast shipping, sturdy packaging, I love it all." (5 stars)

  • "I really like this device... my Samsung droid phone fit great and it attached to my bag while on a push cart perfect..." (4 stars)

Overall, the majority of customers have found the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing Cell Phone Holder to be a valuable tool for improving their golf swing, highlighting its ease of use, quality, and compatibility with various devices.


The SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing Cell Phone Holder is a top-notch accessory that brings convenience and efficiency to recording your golf swings. With its easy clip system and sturdy design, it allows you to set up and adjust the height quickly without any assistance, making it a favorite among golfers. The compatibility with standard alignment rods and golf bags ensures versatility in usage, catering to various preferences.

The positive feedback from users highlights its effectiveness, ease of use, and lightweight design, making it a practical addition to your golf gear. The 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty provide reassurance of its quality and durability.

While some users found it to be slightly lacking in stability in certain conditions, the overall satisfaction level remains high. With a stellar rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from nearly 3000 reviews, the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing Cell Phone Holder proves to be a reliable and valuable tool for golf enthusiasts looking to enhance their game. Invest in this product for a seamless golf swing recording experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing easy to set up and use?

Yes, the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to set up. Many users have mentioned in their reviews that it is easy to attach to an alignment stick and compatible with smartphones, making it simple to use for recording your golf swings.

2. Will the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing add a lot of weight to my golf bag?

No, the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing is specifically designed to be lightweight, ensuring that it won't add much weight to your golf bag. Users have noted that it is easy to carry around and doesn't feel bulky when attached to their bag.

3. Can the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing work with any type of smartphone?

Yes, the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing is compatible with smartphones, allowing you to easily record your golf swings regardless of the device you use. Users have reported successful use with various smartphone models, ensuring versatility in recording capabilities.

4. Does the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing provide accurate swing analysis?

While the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing is primarily a holder and analyzer accessory for recording golf swings, users have found it to be effective in providing them with the necessary footage to analyze their techniques. It does not offer advanced swing analysis features but serves well for basic swing recording purposes.

5. How durable is the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing?

The SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing is praised for its good quality and sturdy build by many users. The product is designed to withstand regular use on the golf course, ensuring durability over time. Users have noted its reliability in holding smartphones securely during swings.

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