Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Review: Increase Distance & Improve Your Game

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device! If you're looking to enhance your golf game and increase your driving distance, this innovative product might just be what you need. The Rypstick is designed to improve your swing, increase flexibility, and ultimately help you hit longer drives and lower your scores on the course. With endorsements from PGA professionals and tour players, this all-in-one golf speed trainer is a reliable choice for golf enthusiasts looking to up their game. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into its features, benefits, and overall performance.

Product Description

The Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device is a revolutionary tool designed to help golfers improve their swing and increase their driving distance. This all-in-one golf speed trainer and warm-up aid is a game-changer for golf enthusiasts looking to enhance their performance on the course.

With the Rypstick Golf Speed Trainer Aid, golfers can expect to hit longer drives and ultimately shoot lower scores. Users of the Rypstick have reported an average increase of 15-25 yards in driving distance after just 6 weeks of training. This impressive distance advantage makes the Rypstick a must-have for golfers seeking to up their game.

One of the standout features of the Rypstick is its versatility. The device offers multiple weight combinations to help strengthen your swing and improve flexibility. Additionally, users can benefit from free 15-minute workouts created by PGA Teacher of the Year, Dr. Luke Benoit. Whether you prefer training indoors, at home, or on the golf course, the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer is a reliable companion for improving your swing speed.

Trusted by over 100 Tour Players and thousands of PGA Professionals, the Rypstick Golf Training Sticks have garnered recognition from top golf publications including Golf Digest, GolfWRX, and MyGolfSpy. If you're serious about taking your golf game to the next level, the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device is a must-have addition to your golfing arsenal.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Effective Speed Increase: Multiple buyers reported significant improvements in their swing speed after using the Rypstick. With gains ranging from 6mph to 7mph in a short period, it's evident that the device can help enhance performance on the golf course.

  2. User-Friendly App: Users appreciated the accompanying app that guides them through workouts, making it easy to follow a structured training program. The app adds value by enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring proper utilization of the device.

  3. Quality Construction: Customers praised the Rypstick for its durable build quality, ensuring longevity and reliability. The device's sturdiness adds to its appeal, especially for those looking for a long-term investment in improving their golf swing.


  1. Lack of Instructions: Some buyers reported receiving the product without any instructions or paperwork, which can be frustrating for users who rely on detailed guidance for proper usage. This oversight could potentially hinder the initial setup and understanding of the device.

  2. Missing Weights: A user highlighted that the product did not include the three weights as expected, raising concerns about potential missing components. This oversight could impact the effectiveness of the training program, especially if the weights are essential for specific exercises.

  3. Language Barrier: The presence of reviews in different languages, such as Japanese, indicates a potential language barrier for some users. While this may not directly affect product performance, it could lead to confusion or difficulties in communication, particularly regarding instructions or support.

Customer Reviews

The Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer has garnered excellent feedback from users, boasting an impressive overall rating. Customers have reported significant improvements in their swing speed and overall performance with this device. One user mentioned, "I have gained 6mph of club speed in just a few weeks. It's very easy to use and the app walks you through the workouts. Highly recommend!" Another satisfied customer highlighted, "If you are serious about increasing your speed and helping your golf swing, the Rypstick is a must to put in your bag."

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, there were a few concerns raised by some users. One reviewer expressed disappointment, stating, "The product arrived with no instructions or paperwork of any kind." Another customer mentioned, "3本のウェイトがついてなかったです。 - 3本のウェイトがついてなかったです。 別売りとかしていないでしょうか?"

Overall, the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer has proven to be a valuable tool for golfers looking to enhance their performance and increase their swing speed.


The Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device is a game-changer for golfers looking to improve their swing speed and distance off the tee. With the ability to increase driving distance by an average of 15-25 yards in just 6 weeks, this all-in-one training aid offers significant benefits. The versatility of the Rypstick allows for indoor or outdoor training, making it convenient for golfers of all levels.

The positive feedback from buyers, including increased club speed and ease of use, further solidifies the effectiveness of this product. The inclusion of free 15-minute workouts designed by PGA Teacher of the Year, Dr. Luke Benoit, adds value and expert guidance to your training regimen.

While some users may find the price point of $209 to be on the higher side, the results and reputation of the Rypstick among tour players and PGA professionals make it a worthwhile investment for serious golfers looking to enhance their performance on the course. In conclusion, the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device comes highly recommended for those seeking to improve their swing for increased distance and lower scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the package when purchasing the product?

When you purchase the product, you will receive the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device along with the necessary accessories for your training sessions. These accessories typically include the device itself, the accompanying app for guided workouts, and any additional components needed for optimal usage. It is essential to check the contents of the package upon arrival to ensure that everything is included as expected.

How does the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device help improve swing speed and distance?

The Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device is specifically designed to help golfers increase their swing speed and overall distance on the course. By incorporating this training aid into your practice routine, you can focus on developing the proper mechanics and tempo required for powerful and accurate shots. The device provides real-time feedback and guidance to help you fine-tune your swing and achieve optimal performance.

Is the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device suitable for golfers of all skill levels?

Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your swing fundamentals or an experienced golfer aiming to enhance your performance, the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device caters to golfers of all skill levels. The adjustable settings and customizable features make it versatile and adaptable to individual training needs. Regardless of your proficiency in the sport, this device can assist you in reaching your desired speed and distance goals.

Can the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device be used indoors?

Yes, the Rypstick Golf Swing Trainer Device can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing you with the flexibility to practice and train in various settings. Whether you prefer to hone your skills in the comfort of your home or take it to the driving range, this versatile device allows you to work on your swing speed and mechanics wherever you choose. Just ensure that you have adequate space to swing the device safely and effectively.

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