Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag Review - Organized 14 Way Dividers

Are you in search of a lightweight and feature-packed ladies cart bag to enhance your golfing experience? Look no further than the Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag with 14 Way Dividers by Ram. This stylish bag in Grey/Pink color not only keeps your clubs organized with its 14-way divider top but also offers ample storage with 9 pockets for all your golfing essentials. With additional features like an external umbrella holder, insulated drinks pocket, and a quick grab top handle, this bag combines functionality with style effortlessly. Let's dive deeper into the details of this must-have golf accessory.

Product Description

The Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag with 14 Way Dividers by Ram is a must-have for any female golfer looking for a stylish and functional cart bag. Made from durable nylon material, this cart bag is designed to keep your clubs organized and easily accessible on the course.

One of the standout features of this cart bag is the 14-way divider top, which ensures that each club has its own slot, including an oversized putter slot. This makes it easy to locate and grab the right club while playing.

In terms of storage, this cart bag has you covered with 2 full-length apparel pockets, a soft-lined valuables pocket, an insulated drinks pocket, a front golf ball pocket, a front accessories pocket with tee slots, and 3 additional side pockets. Whether you need to store your clothing, valuables, drinks, balls, or accessories, there is a dedicated pocket for everything.

Despite its feature-packed design, the Ram Ladies Cart Bag is impressively lightweight, weighing under 5lbs. This makes it easy to transport around the course without adding unnecessary weight to your load. Additionally, the cart bag includes a rain hood, external umbrella holder, dual glove/towel clip, quick grab top handle, and padded shoulder strap for added convenience and comfort during your round.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight and Durable: The Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag is praised by users for its lightweight design, making it easy to carry around the golf course without adding unnecessary weight to your gear. Despite being light, it remains sturdy and durable, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of regular use.

  2. Ample Storage: With 9 pockets and 14 club dividers, this cart bag offers plenty of storage space for all your golfing essentials. Users appreciate the numerous compartments for organizing their clubs, balls, tees, and other accessories, making it convenient to access everything they need during their game.

  3. Stylish Design: The grey/pink color combination of the bag, along with the hot pink trim, appeals to many users who appreciate a touch of style on the golf course. The aesthetic appeal combined with the functional design makes it a popular choice among female golfers.


  1. Putter Compartment Size: Some users found the opening for the putter compartment to be too small, causing clubs to go down at an angle. This design flaw can be inconvenient for those who prefer a larger opening for their putter.

  2. Limited Color Options: While the grey/pink color scheme is attractive to many, the lack of additional color options may deter those looking for more variety in their golf bag selection.

  3. Club Angle Issue: A few users experienced clubs going down at an angle within the bag, potentially impacting the organization and accessibility of their clubs during gameplay. This issue could be frustrating for golfers who prefer a more uniform layout for their clubs.

Customer Reviews

The Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag with 14 Way Dividers has received outstanding feedback from customers, with an impressive overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Buyers have highlighted various aspects of the bag that have made it a popular choice among golf enthusiasts.

  • "Wife loves the look. Very light as well. Lots of good pockets." - 5 stars
  • "The lightness and overall design." - 5 stars
  • "The color is pretty, and it’s light, but sturdy." - 5 stars
  • "Exactly what I was looking for! So pretty!! More than enough compartments. Love the rubber grab handle! The Hot pink trim with the black and white mak..." - 5 stars
  • "Nice and lightweight golf bag. Like the individual club pockets." - 5 stars
  • "Great bag for separation of clubs" - 5 stars
  • "Good value golf bag...having 14 club sections makes club selection much easier." - 5 stars
  • "Very light great variety of compartments...highly recommend this product" - 5 stars

While most reviews praise the bag's lightweight design, ample compartments, and stylish appearance, there were a few mentions of the putter compartment needing improvement. Overall, the positive feedback highlights the bag's quality, functionality, and value for money.


The Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag with 14 Way Dividers by Ram is a standout choice for female golfers seeking a combination of functionality and style. With its 14-way divider top and ample storage options, including multiple pockets for accessories and apparel, this bag ensures your gear stays organized on the course. The lightweight design, weighing under 5lbs, makes it easy to carry around without sacrificing durability.

Positive feedback from buyers highlights the bag's attractive color scheme, lightweight construction, and the convenience of the individual club pockets. However, some users noted issues with the putter slot size, causing clubs to tilt.

Overall, the Ram Ladies Cart Bag offers a winning combination of style, functionality, and lightweight design, making it a great choice for golfers who prioritize organization on the course. If you're looking for a stylish and practical cart bag that keeps your clubs secure and accessible, the Ram Ladies Cart Bag is a solid investment for your golfing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag with 14 Way Dividers durable despite being lightweight?

Yes, the Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag with 14 Way Dividers is made of high-quality nylon material, making it both lightweight and sturdy. Users have praised its durability and quality construction.

2. How many club dividers does the bag have, and are they effective in organizing clubs?

This cart bag features 14 individual club dividers, providing excellent organization and easy access to your clubs during your game. Customers appreciate the convenience and functionality of the dividers.

3. Are the pockets of the bag spacious and practical for storing golf essentials?

With a total of 9 pockets, including ample storage options for accessories, balls, tees, and personal belongings, users find the Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag to be highly practical and versatile for keeping all their golfing essentials organized.

4. Does the bag come with additional features such as a rain cover or special handles?

Customers have highlighted the value-added features of this cart bag, such as the included rain cover for protecting clubs during inclement weather and the rubber grab handle for easy lifting and transportation.

5. Can the bag easily fit on a golf trolley or cart for convenient transportation?

The adjustable strap type of the Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag allows for easy attachment to a golf trolley, ensuring secure and hassle-free transportation of your clubs around the course. Users have found it to be a convenient and practical choice for their golfing needs.

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