Best Golf Simulator Impact Screen for Indoor Practice 2021 - Review & Comparison

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Golf Simulator Impact Screen for indoor golf practice. This professional practice screen is designed to enhance your golf training experience at home, absorbing the impact of each shot with ease. With its super clear projection and multiple size options available, this impact screen allows you to enjoy playing golf indoors without the need to visit a golf course. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the features, benefits, and overall performance of this innovative product.

Product Description

The Golf Simulator Impact Screen is a must-have for any golf enthusiast looking to improve their game from the comfort of their own home. This professional practice screen is designed to be soft yet sturdy, absorbing the impact of each shot effectively. Made from high resilience thickened and encrypted 100% natural polyester fabric, the projection on this screen is super clear, providing a realistic golfing experience.

One of the standout features of this impact screen is the multiple sizes available, ranging from 5ft to 13ft in width, catering to different space constraints and preferences. Whether you have a small indoor setup or a spacious area for your golf simulator, there is a size suitable for you.

Installation is a breeze with this impact screen, thanks to the 3 small holes around each corner that help disperse the impact of the ball and prolong the screen's lifespan. In the package, you will receive the Golf Simulator Impact Screen, 10 elastic ropes, and a 32.8ft rope, ensuring you have everything you need to set up your indoor golf practice area efficiently.

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Pros and Cons


  1. High-Quality Fabric: The Golf Simulator Impact Screen boasts of a soft and thick fabric that effectively reduces backlight bleeding, providing a clear and immersive golfing experience.

  2. Durable and Sturdy Design: Users have praised the durability of this screen, with the fabric feeling strong and the three fixed buckles adding stability. This ensures long-lasting use for indoor golf practice sessions.

  3. Effective Ball Impact Resistance: Customers have reported that the screen can withstand high ball speeds, with one user noting a 175mph ball speed without affecting the screen. Additionally, the provision for a net behind the screen further enhances its resistance to impact.


  1. Size Limitation: At 59"x59", some users find the screen slightly small for their preferences. However, mitigating this issue by using a net or drapery behind the screen can provide a satisfactory playing experience.

  2. Potential Wear and Tear: A user mentioned experiencing a tear at the bottom of the screen after 36 holes. While this may be a rare occurrence, it indicates a possibility of wear over extended use.

  3. Installation Complexity: While most users find the setup process easy, there may be instances where installation could pose a challenge for some individuals, potentially requiring additional assistance or guidance.

Customer Reviews

The Golf Simulator Impact Screen has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Users have highlighted various aspects of the product that have impressed them.

One customer praised the fabric quality, stating, "The fabric of this golf screen is very good and soft. It is very thick and can greatly reduce backlight bleeding through the screen."

Another satisfied user mentioned, "Set up in the man cave, easy to install, easy to use, fun to play with, great for winter time when I cannot play outside."

A customer highlighted the durability of the screen, mentioning, "The quality is very good, the fabric feels soft and strong, and the three fixed buckles look more stable and sturdy than others I used before."

Additionally, a user shared their experience with customer service, saying, "Tear at bottom of screen after 36 holes - Lily from customer service was amazing! Sent me a new screen no questions."

Overall, customers have praised the Golf Simulator Impact Screen for its quality, durability, ease of use, and excellent customer service.


After a thorough review of the Golf Simulator Impact Screen, it is evident that this product offers significant benefits for golf enthusiasts looking to practice their swing indoors. The professional practice screen is designed to absorb the impact of each shot effectively, providing a realistic golfing experience at home. The super clear projection ensures that users can enjoy a lifelike simulation of the golf course.

With multiple sizes available, users can choose the screen that best fits their space and preferences. The easy installation process, along with positive feedback from buyers regarding the fabric quality and ease of setup, makes this impact screen a convenient and practical addition to any indoor golf setup.

While the product has received glowing reviews for its performance and durability, some users may find the price slightly higher compared to other similar products on the market. However, considering the quality and features offered, the Golf Simulator Impact Screen is a worthwhile investment for golfers looking to enhance their skills and enjoy the game year-round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is the size of the Golf Simulator Impact Screen suitable for home use?

    • A: The Golf Simulator Impact Screen comes in various sizes ranging from 5ft to 13ft, offering flexibility for different spaces. Reviewers mention that while the smaller sizes may require a net or drapery behind them for extra protection, they still provide a great experience for indoor golf practice at home.
  • Q: How durable is the fabric of the screen?

    • A: Buyers have praised the quality of the fabric, describing it as soft, thick, and durable. The material is designed to reduce backlight bleeding and withstand high ball speeds, making it ideal for long-term use.
  • Q: Can the screen withstand high ball speeds without tearing?

    • A: Customers have shared positive experiences with the screen holding up well against high ball speeds, even reaching up to 175mph. Having a net behind the screen for added protection is recommended, but users have found the screen to be resilient and unaffected by powerful shots.
  • Q: Is the Golf Simulator Impact Screen easy to set up?

    • A: Reviewers have found the installation process to be straightforward, making it a convenient addition to home setups. Setting it up in a man cave or indoor space is hassle-free, allowing users to enjoy golf simulation without the need for complex installations.
  • Q: How is the customer service for the product?

    • A: Customers have praised the customer service provided by Lily, who promptly addressed concerns such as tears in the screen. The efficient response and replacement service have left buyers satisfied with the support offered for the Golf Simulator Impact Screen.

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